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  • Some changes to the web page

    We have released some changes to the web page.

    * Search now searches against whole flight database, no matter if flight is in air, on ground, delayed or out of coverage. If a flight is in coverage it is marked with a flight symbol that links to the flight.
    * It's possible to search for airports (select name to go to location or symbol to go to arrival/departure board), registrations (210.000 aircraft in database), callsigns (if in coverage) and hundreds of thousands of flights.
    * The search result shows data for up 8 days history and up to 3 days advance data. Advance data often includes scheduled aircraft type, and in some cases also scheduled aircraft registration.
    * When you click on an aircraft it's possible to click on flight number, to IATA, from IATA and registration to go the that info page.

    We have put much resources on improving the matching of flight numbers and routes against callsigns. There are still some issues and mismatches sometimes, mostly because of the use of alphanumerical callsigns, but also different time zones, transponder issues and multi segment flights sometimes creates problems. We are working continuously on improving this matching.

    We will also work on improving the playback for historical flights, as the increased coverage has generated data volumes that are too big for many browsers to handle. A new improved playback is scheduled to be released in a couple of weeks. The new search will be available in 5.1 version of Android and iOS apps.

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    Great work by the team Mike,

    On the ships path is marked with shadow ships - clicking on one of those shows when the ship was at that place, speed, etc ... might be nice to have something similar on FR24 (perhaps even as a less CPU intensive alternative to flight playback)