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  • Flightradar box problems

    Hello to everyone.
    i'm Luca and i'm writing from Pisa , italy.
    today i received FR24 box to become a Flightradar24 host.

    i mounted the antenna on my ham tower and i connected the Gps and the ethernet cable to my ADSL router.

    i downloaded the Flighradar24 program and started to receive...

    with a big surprise i t didn't work.

    the program screen shot gives to me these informations:

    Position:N43.849 E10.450
    GND: YES Mode S : NO
    Protocol Tcp
    Basestation : Error
    Network :OFF
    Info : No aircraft , at least 2 required
    TX/AC Loss : 0.0%/0.0%

    LED on the radar box:

    POWER : green always on
    Mode S : blonking high speed red
    GPS : blinking green

    if i disconnect the Mode-S antenna back to the FR24 box the LED starts to blink slowly in red....if i make the same under the antenna ( type N connector ) the LED light makes the same.

    so it means that the RF low loss cable is full workin'.

    i don't know why it doesn't work

    can anyone halps to me?

    many tks to everyone
    Luca Bottino - IZ5DMQ
    QTH Loc. JN53FU
    Meteo 6 - Lucca

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    Try contacting support for help.
    "Reason for contact" = 'FR24 Box' on the drop down list.
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      You don't neeed any program to feed to fr24 site!
      Just plug everything and send mail to fr support that you are ready!
      FR24 will assign you radar name (F-LDDU1 for me)

      Basestation : Error
      Network :OFF

      You didn't put correct IP of FR box when you signed in to FR software!

      But I repeat...NO NEED FOR SOFTWARE!
      For official support use Contact Form


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        As mentioned before, you don't need any software. Connect all cables and everything should work completely automatically.
        Please contact for all questions regarding your box.
        You can also find a lot of information in the PDF that has been sent to you during the application process.


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          We include detailed Set-Up instructions in the email we send when we confirm an application for a FR24 receiver.

          Please click on the PDF link in the email. And, as others have pointed out, contact Support if you need further help. The address is also in the email.


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            i've just read the pdf and all connections are done...
            i 'd like to hope it works without no problems.
            my question is:

            why i cannot receive anything from it?

            maybe i need to open some ports on my router ?
            Luca Bottino - IZ5DMQ
            QTH Loc. JN53FU
            Meteo 6 - Lucca


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              no need to open ports
              You will see your radar coverage on FR24 radar view when you login in premium acc
              You can use Virtal Radar Server to see your radar on your PC without login in premium
              Don't forget that feeding to other sites is not allowed with FR24 box
              For official support use Contact Form


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                now i put the correct ip address on premium radar view and i see red it right?
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                Luca Bottino - IZ5DMQ
                QTH Loc. JN53FU
                Meteo 6 - Lucca


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                  Originally posted by iz5dmq View Post
                  i 'm not understanding why the application gives to me an ERROR response from my basestation and why, if i open my premium account and i select local host i cannot see anithing in defference between
                  forget aplication
                  go to premium radar view then settings.....
                  in your router find ip adress of FRbox
                  Change localhost to IP that you found
                  you will see red planes in "Radar View", that's your radar
                  For official support use Contact Form