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FlightRadar24 multiple aircraft filters?

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  • FlightRadar24 multiple aircraft filters?

    Hi all,

    For my website I'd like to embed a radarscreen from FR24. I've already found out what code to use to embed such a screen to my page. However, I'd like to filter out 1 company, and 2 types of aircraft. So I'd like to only show those 2 types of aircraft from that particular airline.
    Apparently, if I adjust this in the link, it will only show the first filtered aircraft from that company.

    This is the code I use:
    <iframe src = " lsign=KLM&filter_type=f70&filter_type=E190" width = "100%" height = "100% "> </ iframe>
    In this case, you can see I want to show all of the KLM (Cityhopper) Fokker 70's and Embraer E190's. But when I check out my webpage, it'll only show the KLM Fokker 70's.. So I thought I'd add 2 FR24 screens, one showing the Fokkers and the second one showing the Embraers, but if I add the second screen it'll only show the first one? Even if I change the size of both screens only the first one will show up..

    I'm just a hobby-sitebuilder so some help would be greatly appreciated!

    With Kind Regards,

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    Sorry, there is no support for repeated filters.


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      I think it something in their script.

      I was able to pinpoint the coding to http://flightradar24static.appspot.c...4/js/js_new.js that handles the filters

      I saw
      in the coding.

      I dont know AJAX, but I was able to identify which file that controls the filters feature. I hope this helps. I would love to watch just certain Radars and/or aircraft types.

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