Just fired up my receiver to catch the early morning arrivals into SYD and noticed the times on the arrivals board were all 1 hour out (arriving around 05:00 prior to the end of the 23:00 - 06:00 curfew). On checking how this could be possible I noticed the local time for SYD is still showing Eastern Standard Time. We are now on Daylight Savings Time (AEDST) so the local time is advanced 1 hour from what is shown on the arrivals board and will likewise affect all airports within New South Wales. Victoria (Melbourne airport etc will be the same). Note this doesnt include Brisbane, Queensland (or any Queensland airport for that matter) as they do not change over to DST.

Just to clarify, 01:00hrs becomes 02:00 hrs

Regards to the clocksetter,

After talking to guys on the chat it seems Australia isnt the only country affected.