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    Hey mike or whoever in admin, i emailed you guys a few days ago. I am having some technical issues with my RTL2838UHIDIR Dongle. I dont think its working much anymore. I cant seem to get my PC to recognicze the dongle, it keeps saying cant regozize the last USB device hooked up to the pc. I have reloaded windows 8 twice now and same thing. I try and follow the instructions as per the info on installing using Zadig and bulkinterface drivers. At first when u list all devices in zadig it picks up the bulkinterface, but wont let me install the drivers. I left for a day and came back to it and it allowed me to install the drivers to the dongle listed in the drop down list in Zadig. It does not matter which of the 6 USB ports i plug my dongle into using the 50 ft usb cable i just bought it wont get reogized in windows at all. I did manage a few times in the past month to get it working and it stayed on line for a week or so, then it just quits and wont get rocognized again. I am so frustrated with this system. I have until oct 4 to get it working or my subscription will expire. I am hoping u admin guys will get me back on line once i get this technical issue resolved. I am not sure why its doing this, i got the dongle and antenna back in may when i signed up for FR24, it wokred great all summer then started acting up about a month ago. I hope i can get another one sent out to me. I treid moving the dongle and antenna inside and hooking it directily to my pc it does the same thing, the pc wont recognize it at all. I get the same message as when i hook it up outside attched to the 50 USB cable. I have it in a secured weatherproof container outside just and FYI.

    If anyone else is having problems like this let me know or maybe shoot some advice this way. I have searched the net looking for answers on why the dongle is not being recognized in windows. Anyelse i hook up to my usb ports the pc recognizes it right away. I have a 3.0 ghz quad core pc so and 3.0 usb ports.

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    You need find someone willing and able to plug it directly into a separate PC/laptop to confirm its status from scratch. To rule out damage to the device or incompatibility with newer USB drivers for the PC

    Chances are if it has any type of flashROM on it that those zdiag drivers etc write to as part of the install process, its potentially now buggered and needs to be put into a recovery mode and re-flashed similar to doing the firmware on MicroUSBs. (Im thinking this due to the big DO NOT INSTALL WRONG DRIVER warnings)

    And the fact you have a 50ft USB lead concerns me, especially if it is only passive (non powered) I would expect a lot of loss and it to probably not work or possibly damage the device. If it is an active one (powered) theres also the potential for damaging the USB devices attached to it but less of the chance as long as it is good to start with.
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      But in either case, its probably less hassle to tiff it and purchase another. They are only about $20us with free worldwide shipping.

      Don't beleive FR24 have any more, it was a distribution promotion but as you may have picked up was often more trouble than it's worth with people either not using them (theft for no gain), or not savvy enough to get them working wihout a lot of help from the support team. It's almost like people just saw 'free' and decided they wanted something for free.. no intention of using it
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        Thanks Oblivian, i might have to do that. I just reloaded windows 8 again in the last hour and when i used Zadig to list all devices, it found the Bulk in interface (interface 0 ) ok, but would not install the drives for it. Said Drive installation Failed (System Policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers). When i clicked out of zadig and went back the bulk in interface was not listed anymore but the RTL2838 UHIDIR was, i installed the drivers and stareted up rll1090 and started encoding ok for a few minutes then the dongled was not listed anymore in the device manager under usb devices it just dropped out and i got the famous sound when a usb device disconnects. Will keep trying, probably order a new one. Do you know of any good sites where i can get one, i am in ontario Canada. I guess i will just google it.

        Before i order another DVB-T dongle, right now i have the Reatek RTL2838, which is a good one to get, i have found most of the ones online or the RTL2832 are they good ones. I am thinking this one or maybe this batch are no good.
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          Ah There ya go. You just enlightened us to the issue at hand at present
          Said Drive installation Failed (System Policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers).

          It will only be doing half the job! (the bits it can do without Windows8 not trusting it). Are you sure you have the latest package? (I think I read somewhere a change to driver signing)

          •Zadig gives “System policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers“ error in Windows 8
          Windows 8 can cause signed driver issues with zadig. Some users report getting the error “System policy has been modified to reject unsigned drivers”. A possible solution has been posted here in the SDRSharp Yahoo Group.

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            THanks oblivian i will try this out before i get another one,


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              Ok i have plugged my DVB-T dongle into 2 pc's and its working just fine. One with windows XP and one with windows 8. I tried to plug the dongle into my pc again directly and it works great, zadig found the dvb-t stick dongle and i reinstalled the drivers and started up the rtl 1090 and it started encoding, but of course because i had the antenna in the basement along with the dongle it could not pick up any AC. I now know its the 50 foot length of USB cable. It has a small what looks like a booster inline with it at the half way pt of the length of usb cable. Right now as i am writing this, the USB cable is plugged into my pc and the dvb-t stick at the other end, the pc is not picking it up at all, and yet the blue light is on on the stick, so i am assuming something is wrong with the cable for transmitting. Can anyone that is electronicaly minded share some ideas with me on this one.

              Anyone know what cable is good to use, maybe its not a good one. I need to run the cable from my PC about 50ft through my basement window and up on the roof where i have the weather proof container for the dvb-t stick. Kinda limited for funds so i am trying to do this inexpensivly right now.

              Right now i am looking at an Alfa brand 2.0 Active Extension Cable-repeater cable-high speed 480mbps-A Male to A Female 49.2 feet long which is what i need to get the antenna to be in a postion to pick up signals.
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                if I got it right, you need correct driver for your extension cable... china cables are problem,
                try it on win 7
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