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Trans-Atlantic flights.

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  • Oblivian
    Satelite data upload to the FAA feed (which flightaware also use)

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  • agardk
    started a topic Trans-Atlantic flights.

    Trans-Atlantic flights.

    I'm a bit curious about something and hoping someone here can explain what I am seeing.

    I tend to track the BAW EWR->LHR and LHR->EWR flights (specifically 184, 185, 188 & 189). These flights basically disappear from FR while over the Atlantic.

    I just thought that this was because the were out of ADB-S range and not yet under FAA radar coverage or vise versa. However, I was just looking at the screen and there are 4 other BA flights smack in the middle of the Atlantic that are showing up, at least one of which is quite near where FlightAware is estimating BAW189 to currently be.

    So my question is why do some trans-Atlantic flights track completely while others like the above BA flights basically disappear while over the ocean??