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Is there a FlightRadar24 User Guide

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  • Is there a FlightRadar24 User Guide

    Hi everyone, I'm a newbie!

    Have looked through the forums for a User Guide, not a manual, I'm having trouble running FlightRadar24 on my computer.
    Before I ask for help, I want to see if there is anything I can do first, setting up settings etc.

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    Please read


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      Hi Mike,
      Thanks for the speedy reply.

      I have already looked through these three links you have provided, (last week and today again) have printed them out and re-read them just in case I missed this guide.
      To my way of thinking these links provide a very broad view and lot's of pats on the back on how good flightradar24 is.
      I have to agree, it is good software as I HAVE seen it working.

      I have also tried looking for "cookies and cache", but don't carn't find them, where are the cache and cookies location on a windows 7 ultimate machine?
      Have used Karens Cookie software to find cookies but that hasn't found them.

      FR24 was working properly, then one day I came to use it and the planes weren't there, there was a 0 with a yellow triangle next to it, went to "settings" and clicked on Animinate Aircraft, click on the X
      Then went to Filter, clicked on Altitude, clicked on the X
      Both these screens don't have a clickie thing to click on to "save" any changes I make.
      After a reset the above screens need me to change them again and again, it won't save my changes.
      Some times this fixes the problem, sometimes it won't.

      So I went looking for a Users Guide on how to use FlightRadar24 so I can have a pictorial in front of me to get FlightRadar24 working again as it used to.
      I'm using IE10 I read where it says to ditch IE and set up Google Chrome............. see I'm studying hard LOL

      OK what do I do now?


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        I just using it with Google Chrome, Windows 7 and everything is fine...
        You may try to open website with Incognito, Private mode to see if u can open it success.
        If Yes, use CCleaner to clear the cookies of


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          Thanks Dundee.
          I will try that chrome thing, but not tonight, time for bed lol. Tomorrow I have other plans but will see what I can do when I can. CCleaner is a beauty will try that as well.


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            I just tried using FR24 using Firefox, it seems to be working OK now........
            I have planes and they move, can zoom in and out, track planes so I don't know why FR24 won't work in IE
            Will see what happens over the next several days tho.


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              Heavy scripting that the engine IE is built on does not handle well. Simple as that really User friendly and pretty looking does not always mean fully functional
              Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers