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Search can't find flight that IS showing on "radar"

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  • Search can't find flight that IS showing on "radar"

    Weirdness of the Day:

    Actually not just today, I see this fairly often, particularly involving BA flights between Heathrow and Newark. I have some friends who crew for BA and track their flights inbound to Newark.

    Now I understand that during the bulk of these flights' trans-Atlantic crossings they may be outside coverage and not visible but what I am seeing is this:


    As can be seen in this screen capture, BAW185 is clearly visible having just crossed over Newfoundland, it is being tracked via ADS-B but as can also be seen, the search is showing only historical flights, not the current flight?

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    I can't see any reason why it won't show as a live Flight as it is currently on the Map.

    The same is happening with AWE735:

    It looks like it could be a bug as its also affecting BAW213:

    It is not affecting all Flights as TOM186 and BAW238 are ok.
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    AMS Daily Fight Information:


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      And this begs a different but somewhat related question:

      Right now I am looking at BAW1189 on both FlightAware and RadarBox web sites. Seems both are using ATC data to estimate it's location. However, the same flight does not show up at all on FR or PlaneFinder. Again, I was assuming that all these services were getting their data from the same ATC (FCC and its European equivalent) feeds, So why do these flights show up on the other two services and not on FR??