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FRANCE Waypoints / VOR NDB / UIR ATS Routes/ OCT 2013

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  • FRANCE Waypoints / VOR NDB / UIR ATS Routes/ OCT 2013

    A discussion was started here :
    where I've uploaded the France VOR list WPT as an attached file.
    I now attached here the full package that I've made some years ago and recently updated.
    For those interested you will find enclosed three files. Two WPT files and one OUT file.
    The two WPTs are the VOR/NDB list for France and the second the Waypoints list in its integrality. Please note that all the WPT are listed whatever they are used for (Upper/lower space,initial approach IAF, etc...) except RNAV points.
    The OUT file is the ATS routes system for the French UIR only.
    Because it seems that there's no special sub forum to post this material, I upload it here.
    These files format are supported by the SBS owner and the FR24 Radarview "user data" files management.
    Regards and enjoy!
    Attached Files