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  • Filter error = destination error


    Observed something rather weird today.

    It's rather busy outside my windows so I brought up the FR web site and set filtering to inbound to EWR. After zooming out a bit I noted 2 UAL flights that were a good distance away and clearly heading away from EWR. These were UAL15 and UAL1734.

    On the "radar" 15 showed as PBI->EWR UAL15.jpg and 1734 showed ORD->EWR UAL1734.jpg, which is why, presumably, they were showing up on the inbound filter for EWR.

    But when clicking on these flights, and this is where the weirdness comes into play, 15 showed its true route of EWR->HNL UAL15-1.jpg and 1734 showed EWR->ORD UAL1734-1.jpg.

    I would have thought that the system would display data pulled from the same source or same database so I am at a loss to understand how it is displaying differing data sets. And clearly the filtering is keying off the erroneous data so I guess my assumptions were incorrect.

    Anybody have any idea how this can occur??

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    This an old issue, due too synchronization issues between servers. We should be down to one (and synchronized) server in 3-4 weeks.