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FR24 on Jetstar Pilots' Smart Phones

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  • FR24 on Jetstar Pilots' Smart Phones

    I was having a few drinks in a local bar a few nights ago. As usual, I sat at the bar counter watching the bar tenders displaying their skills.

    Around me were some Caucasians drinking non-alcoholic drinks. Soon, I realised they were pilots & talking about planes.

    I joined in their conversations and told them my new hobby is " Plane Spotting ".

    Immediately, 2 of the said " ".

    Wow ! I looked at them and smile.

    Out came their Smartphones and they showed me " " with planes surrounding WSSS !

    Then, came the second comment: " Almost all our pilots have " " in our smartphone - even our wife and girlfriend. We look at this site instead of calling the office."

    ( I kept a low profile and never told them I feed - the main reason for my smile ).
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    lovely comments.


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      Thanks for the report Birdie