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Netbook screens with web display

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  • Netbook screens with web display

    Hi all,

    When viewing the web based FR24 with my 1024x600 (10") netbook pc, the flight information box on the left is cut off at the bottom and I don't appear to be able to scroll down or move it. Is there a fix for this ?

    Many thanks
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    Have you tried F11 (Full Screen) ?

    I have a similar problem on my laptop - pressing F11 solved it


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      Thanks for that - it kind of works. Doing that moves the aircraft/flight info up far enough that I am able to click on a tiny bit of scroll bar which lets me see the 'radar' and 'squawk' data, still a bit painful though.


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        You should be able to scroll if you press and drag the white scroll bar right of (AT76)


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          Hi Mike,

          Unfortunately there is not enough movement in that scroll bar to move those bottom 2 fields up above the Windows 'start bar' - unless I first go to full screen mode via f11.

          Not a big issue, I usually stick to the Android apps - just wondered if there was an easy fix (apart from getting a bigger screen ). Thanks for the suggestions


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            You could try a different Browser on your Netbook as they all display Flightradar24 slightly differently, another trick is zoom the page to 90%
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