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  • the installation of antennas has allowed the expansion of coverage ADSB in Venezuela


    now with the activation of MLAT aircraft are observed in western Venezuela as EMBRAER 190, MD82 , B757 , B737
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    • Originally posted by F-SVBS1 View Post
      the installation of antennas has allowed the expansion of coverage ADSB in Venezuela

      now with the activation of MLAT aircraft are observed in western Venezuela as EMBRAER 190, MD82 , B757 , B737
      attachments not working


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        attachments not working

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        • Fortunately growing ownership group of receivers and more keep coming, we all gathered in whatssap group with suitable and capable people to join this group soon with MLAT eastern Venezuela.


          • How we can Active T-MLAT in Iran?


            • Here
              In some regions with coverage from several FR24-receivers we also calculate positions of non-ADS-B equipped aircraft with the help of Multilateration (MLAT), by using a method known as Time Difference of Arrival (TDOA). By measuring the the time it takes to receive the signal from aircraft with an older ModeS-transponder, it's possible to calculate the position of these aircraft. Four FR24-receivers or more, receiving signals from the same aircraft, are needed to make MLAT work. MLAT coverage can only be achieved above about 5,000-10,000 feet as the probability that four or more receivers can receive the transponder signal increases with increased altitude.

              Most parts of Europe and North America are today covered with MLAT above about 5,000-10,000 feet. There is also some MLAT coverage in Mexico, Brazil, South Africa, Japan, Taiwan, Thailand, Malaysia, Indonesia, Australia and New Zealand. More areas will get MLAT coverage during 2015 and 2016.
              More info HERE
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              • 2015-05-11 03:27:12 | [mlat][i]Registering MLAT station: FAILURE
                2015-05-11 03:27:14 | [feed][i]sent 70 AC in 2 packets
                2015-05-11 03:27:14 | [mlat][i]Configuring UDP connection udp://

                could not register MLAT , any idea ?


                Thanks .

                hmm ... T-MLAT5 is now back to work
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                  • This aircraft is blocked? Registration D-ABEB callsign DHL4EM.

                    I see often blocked aircraft such as LOT Polish Airlines. Not callsign, only aircraft type code E170, DH8D.


                    • The MLAT coverage in Thailand is quite awesome.

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                      T-VTBD1 : RadarBox 3km North of VTBD
                      T-VTBD2 : RPi MLAT 300m South of VTBD


                        2015-07-14 15:20 UTC it would seem the new MLAT (T-MLAT7?) system is messing with the normal data.
                        Normal ADS-B GPS data is now messy.


                        • Spotted the T-MLAT7 radar code in California area.

                          T-MLAT7 from Raspberry-Pi users using the newer software.

                          [ Feeder Station List ][ Map ][ Latest Feeders Rank Stats ][ Radar Feeders WorldWide Map ][ VRS Feeder List ] (NEW)


                          • T-MLAT2

                            Originally posted by stratocaster View Post
                            I'm looking forward to whole of UK MLAT coverage,I have to admit,I just love listening to the scanner and viewing FR24,just the business! Extremely pleased!
                            Hi, I spotted the "T-MLAT2 between Los Angeles and San Diego! Precisely Among Johnson Valley and Landers, towards Palm Springs.

                            Hours 2:04 (Italy)

                            17:04 (Los Angeles)



                            • I have spotted some aircraft over Germany without ADS-B that are tracked by named receivers even if they should only possibly be tracked by MLAT. Why is that?
                              DAF3070 MLAT.JPG


                              • I dip in and out of FR24 webpage and since my last viewings I have noticed MLAT around the Channel Islands has been improved remarkably. Well done to FR24!
                                Now non ADSB planes such as small private jobs, Cessnas, Pipers and even ATR42's on the inter island runs are showing up on MLAT down to a few hundred feet. Amazing !
                                I have never been able to see inter island traffic before as it never gets above 2000 feet. OMG even the Aurigny Trislanders are showing up.
                                Thanks FR24