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  • MLAT restored on my receiver. After the big static rains, the FR24 receiver has rebooted itself multiple times.
    But it couldn't get a GPS position. So i turned off the power, put the GPS antenna outside on the balcony a bit, waited for the receiver to get a fix and then put the GPS antenna back in the window sill.
    Even the first time outside it couldn't get a GPS fix. So i waited a bit longer the second time and put the power back on.

    I also noted the website was briefly unreachable earlier this day.
    I will check tomorrow if MLAT is restored around Schiphol.

    Edit: Working again, MLAT up to the runways.
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    • Why i love FR24 and MLAT:

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      • I see T-MLAT5 near Kuala Lumpur International Airport... will keep an eye for more MLAT over that part of Malaysia now! MLAT launched/trialed at Semenanjung Malaysia, yay!

        Let me get a print screen first!

        MLAT KL2.jpg
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        • T-MLAT is down?
          2014-07-03 18:06:55 | [mlat][w]Could not ping MLAT server, result=-1000, number of errors=1
          2014-07-03 18:07:26 | [mlat][w]Could not ping MLAT server, result=-1000, number of errors=2
          2014-07-03 18:07:47 | ERROR
          2014-07-03 18:08:08 | ERROR

          And working again:
          2014-07-03 18:22:31 | [mlat][i]Pinging the server
          2014-07-03 18:22:31 | [mlat][i]Stats 239174187/239174187

          I should post this kind of messages sooner, a fix right away!
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          • MLAT seems to be down throughout Australia. I thought it must have only been over SE Qld perhaps due to a feeder or two dropping out but I can't see any non ADS-B planes in any state.


            • I'm thinking that there are issues with the MLAT-3 server, not sure why though (see the Aussie Feeder thread).

              Edit: Looks like the server is back.
              Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.14.51 PM.png

              Edit: Yep! MLAT is back.
              Screen Shot 2014-07-09 at 3.20.16 PM.png
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              F-YSWG1 and T-YSWG2


              • Yes, plenty of Dash8s etc around now.


                • Any plans for MLAT in Northern India/Bangladesh? There is F-VECC2, F-VEBD1, F-VEAT1 and F-VGZR1, and there is low probability that ADSB will become mandatory in this part of the world anytime soon.
                  Tanveer Yasser
                  F-VGHS1 | T-VGHS3
                  Dhaka, Bangladesh


                  • Not all MLAT receivers in The Netherlands are online. At least not the MLAT part.
                    Aircraft near Schiphol drop off to the map way too early.
                    FR24 does not check if MLAT is working.
                    So admins please check.

                    Mine is working;
                    ModeS: connected, 94 AC tracked
                    2014-07-12 19:04:45 | [mlat][i]Pinging the server
                    2014-07-12 19:04:45 | [mlat][i]Stats 398971400/4659

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                    • So once again, all FR24 servers are services are monitored 24/7. But that does not mean that all receivers are online 24/7.


                      • huh, The receiver requirement to be online 24/7 ?

                        From your own page it says

                        Requirements for hosting Flightradar24’s ADS-B equipment:
                        You are able to keep the receiver online 24/7 feeding our servers via an uninterrupted internet connection
                        The world’s most popular flight tracker. Track planes in real-time on our flight tracker map and get up-to-date flight status & airport information.

                        To have uninterrupted internet connection, It would be best to have two, or more ISP at the location. (Cable ISP, Cell Data Service, DSL, Satellite Internet).
                        In case one internet connection goes down. The host person could switch over to the other internet connection to keep the MLAT going for that area

                        Originally posted by Mike View Post
                        But that does not mean that all receivers are online 24/7.
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                        • Originally posted by Mike View Post
                          So once again, all FR24 servers are services are monitored 24/7. But that does not mean that all receivers are online 24/7.
                          Once again: We know that! Once again: We try to help with these reports!
                          You want MLAT as much as possible, we want MLAT as much as possible.

                          But with your reaction i am going to make it easy for myself and take a shortcut:

                          piopawlu: Not all of MLAT is online again in The Netherlands again, good luck.


                          • O MLAT4 no caso do Brasil, s funciona se o FR free? (F-SBBR1)?

                            Translated with Google, Speedbird
                            O MLAT4 in the case of Brazil, only works if the FR is free? (F-SBBR1)?
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                            • First sight of MLAT in Azores Islands (Atlantic Ocean):

                              Screen Shot 2014-07-17 at 17.28.15 PMb.png

                              A few more feeders still needed to increase coverage, but it's improving.
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                              • MLAT working properly again around Schiphol. Thanks.