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Map Errors Attributed to Corrupted Feeds

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  • Map Errors Attributed to Corrupted Feeds

    We all including Mike and FR24 are concerned about the aircraft being tracked jumping from Longitude to Longitude before settling down on a true track.

    Mike gave this example:

    Originally posted by Mike
    This is an example of an error, and similar errors are more or less common all around the world. We have tried to reduce and eliminate them for years. But some software/hardware combinations just keep sending this. So I'm really sorry if you get offended by the fact that we prefer to use/show correct FR24box data instead of "your" data, but as I said one of our goals is "best data quality". If some receivers can't deliver "best data quality", they can still supply "best coverage", and that is why we love all our feeders, and give all the premium account.

    Dongle Feeders

    Longitude jumping is common for those using dongles when the aircraft if tracking close to your Maximum Range as demonstrated by your Basestation program. The signal amplitude is just occasionally above the noise floor of your receiver/antenna system. The Longitude value is the frequently wrong by 5 or 6 degrees.

    An example of a recent error my system produced and was passed on to FR24 standalone feeder program was:

    An Air New Zealand flight from AKL-HKG was indicated at 9.7653 latitude and 126.37. In the next 5 seconds it was indicated at 9.69 latitude which was correct but at longitude 120.21. The jump in longitude moved the FR24 and my basestation icon from the Pacific Ocean to the West Philippine Sea. Eventually, the Longitude corrected and the Latitude was always correct.

    Dongles and MiniASD-b as well as other USB receivers have no decoder built-in and simply output raw data...errors and all.The "Gunter" FR24 box has an error correcting decoder built in that corrects their receiver.

    There are two solutions for the 95%

    1. Build a kit decoder which will accept the raw data output by your receiver and with that feed FR24. FR24's box which was designed by "Gunter" has a design for such a stand alone decoder as well as others.

    2. In lieu of everyone building and attaching a decoder to their receiver, FR24 could change their feeder server application to cache several of your last uploads and compare the latitude and longitude reports for consistency and correct if need be. "Real Time" will need to be a bit longer depending on how fast their server is in correcting uploads but everyone's goal of accuracy can be realized.

    High end receivers may not exhibit anomalies so probably they already have built-in decoders unlike the 95%.



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    This could explain why a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Jakarta just passed over Port Pirie, South Australia!


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      Originally posted by Barts View Post
      This could explain why a Thai Airways flight from Bangkok to Jakarta just passed over Port Pirie, South Australia!
      Several ago before FR24 and planespotters became the vogue a site by subscription provided FAA radar on a world map. I was one of the earlier subscribers and noticed Midwest Airlines, an American short haul airline then, flying regularly across the Australian outback.

      That was decades before dongles but dongles exhibit some of the same maladies. Hardware decoders like in the FR24 loaner box can correct anomalies before they are sent to the server.

      Living in Asia now I have very little interest looking at FAA radar tracking.

      When you see an anomaly look at the attributed radar and write it down. Although now I have no proof it is still occurring looking at the attributed radar might help in tracking down the culprit.