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    I am based in London. I very greatly depend on winds direction forecast for my plane spotting especially at LHR or at LCY. I have had to retort to weather forecast website(s) to let me know which direction the winds are blowing before I go out out plane-spotting and also before I go on FlightRadar24 Premium. I have used weather and clouds overlays on FR24 Premium but it can be too much (too cluttered) so I rarely used it. So I suggest if there will be another overlay for wind directions - using small arrows so that it doesn't interfere viewing. Just an idea. I am sure other users will agree (and disagree!).

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    I am based in Hampshire and before I think about going to Heathrow, I look at FR24 and see which direction the aircraft are moving to get the active runway.
    If I want more info, I click the airport pin for basic weather info and if I want more than that, I use the BBC weather page and select Heathrow Terminal 5.
    I don't think you need much more than that.


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      If you click on an airport you can see wind direction on that airport. At the moment we are not planning any changes to the weather data its and presentation.


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        I run my own weather website and have a page on there which de-codes & displays the METAR data from some airports in Scotland:
        I can either add the main UK airports to it or make a new page to display them if that would help anyone?


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          I guess the lack of response means it wouldn't help then?
          No problems, it saves me work but the offer's still there just send a PM.