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Audio possibillety for EHAM

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  • Audio possibillety for EHAM

    Hi all radar friends,

    Sorry, didn't have the time to check is there was a bulleting for this, but f you want to listen to the EHAM tower, check this link

    I fixed the flightradar url in a page and put the audio in a IFRAME.

    Alle messages are live without delay, even so the flightradar page.

    Good Luck.


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    Hi Bert , EHAM live

    Great fun , and nice applications !! Great work , but my Win7 hade some problem with Java

    By the way , here is a nice application with EHAM
    its a pitty there is a delay of 15 min

    !! OBS that runways are light up at the evening and night

    but application is Great
    Best Regards
    Ulf "scanhorse"
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      Hi Scanhorse,

      Yes I know the link you remark, but since they, now for 2 weeks, make a delay for 15 minutes, I find this one. The audio I had a few weeks.

      I love the flightradar24.

      I ask the operator of the casper link if we can have a live stream, but they think it will be a problem because the finance.

      I'll stay at "our" link, but also will try to fix a little extra to it with the weather information at EHAM.

      If it will work, I will put it om the forum, but give me some time, because I'm very busy as a weather forcaster on Commercial radio in Holland.

      Catch ya next time,



      btw. I use Windows 7 Ultimate and don't have a problem with the link for audio and Java.