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  • FlightRadar24 - July 2013 Statistics

    FlightRadar24 - July 2013 Statistics

    FR24 added 12953 "Facebook likes" and 3742 Twitter Followers in Month of July,2013
    July 1, 2013 - Facebook Count: 226,357 likes 8,895 talking about this / Twitter: 60,925 Followers
    July 31, 2013 - Facebook Count: 239,310 likes 6,316 talking about this / Twitter: 64,667 Followers
    Source: and

    Total of 65 New Reported Feeders in Month of July,2013

    35 New FR24 Hardware Boxes reported/started uploading in July.

    F-CYYB1 - North Bay/Jack Garland (North Bay) Airport (North Bay, Ontario) (CYYB / YYB)
    F-EDDF2 - Frankfurt Int'l Airport (Frankfurt am Main) (EDDF / FRA)
    F-EDDT1 - Tegel Int'l Airport (Berlin) (EDDT / TXL)
    F-EDMO1 - Oberpfaffenhofen Airport (Munich) (EDMO / EDMO)
    F-EGCC1 - Manchester Airport (Manchester, England) (EGCC / MAN)
    F-EGKK1 - London Gatwick Airport (London, England) (EGKK / LGW)
    F-EGLC1 - London City Airport (London, England) (EGLC / LCY)
    F-EGNX1 - East Midlands Airport (East Midlands, England) (EGNX / EMA)
    F-EKCH1 - Copenhagen Airport (Copenhagen) (EKCH / CPH)
    F-ENGM1 - Oslo, Gardermoen Airport (Oslo) (ENGM / OSL)
    F-ESSL1 - Linkoping Airport (ESSL / LPI)
    F-ETHC1 - Celle Air Base Airport (Celle) (ETHC / ZCN)
    F-EVRA2 - Riga Int'l Airport (R_ga) (EVRA / RIX)
    F-FSIA1 - Seychelles Int'l Airport (Mahe Island) (FSIA / FSIA)
    F-KBOI1 - Boise Air Terminal/Gowen Field Boise, Idaho, USA
    F-KBZN1 - Bozeman Yellowstone International Airport Bozeman, Montana, USA (KBZN / BZN)
    F-KDPA1 - DuPage Airport Chicago/West Chicago, Illinois, USA KDPA / DPA)
    F-KFAT1 - FFresno Yosemite International Airport Fresno, California, USA (KFAT / FAT)
    F-KFTW1 - Fort Worth Meacham International Airport Fort Worth, Texas, USA (KFTW / FTW)
    F-KLEX1 - Blue Grass Airport (Lexington, KY) (KLEX / LEX)
    F-KLNS1 - Lancaster Airport Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA KLNS / LNS)
    F-KPAE1 - nohomish County Airport (Paine Field) Everett, Washington, USA (KPAE / PAE)
    F-KPNS1 - Pensacola Gulf Coast Regional Airport Pensacola, Florida, USA (KPNS / PNS)
    F-LIBN1 - Lecce (military) Airport (Lecce) (LIBN / LCC)
    F-LOWS1 - Salzburg (W. A. Mozart) Airport (Salzburg, Salzburg) (LOWS / SZG)
    F-LZKZ1 - Košice Int'l Airport (Košice) (LZKZ / KSC)
    F-MMMD2 - Manuel Crescencio Rejon Int'l Airport (Merida, Yucatan) (MMMD / MID)
    F-RJAA1 - Narita Int'l Airport (Tokyo (Narita)) (RJAA / NRT)
    F-SBFI1 - Foz do Iguacu Int'l (Cataratas Int'l) Airport (Foz do Iguacu, Parana) (SBFI / IGU)
    F-TTPP1 - Piarco Int'l Airport (Port of Spain, Trinidad) (TTPP / POS)
    F-UAAA1 - Almaty Airport (Almaty, Kazakhstan) (UAAA / ALA)
    F-UASS1 - Semipalatinsk Airport (Semipalatinsk, Kazakhstan) (UASS / DLX)
    F-UGEE1 - Zvartnots Airport - (EVN / UGEE) - Yerevan, Armenia
    F-VVNB1 - Noi Bai Int'l Airport (Hanoi) (VVNB / HAN)
    F-ZUUU1 - Chengdu Shuangliu Int'l Airport (Chengdu, Sichuan) (ZUUU / CTU)


    30 New T-xxxx users reported/started uploading to FR24 in July.

    T-DBBB1 - Cadjehoun (Cotonou) Airport (Cotonou) (DBBB / COO)
    T-ESSD1 - Borlange Airport (Borlange) (ESSD / BLE)
    T-FYSM1 - Swakopmund Airport (Swakopmund) (FYSM / SWP)
    T-KCLT3 - Charlotte/Douglas Intl Airport (Charlotte, NC) (KCLT / CLT)
    T-NZKK1 - Kerikeri/Bay of Islands Airport (Kerikeri / Bay of Islands) (NZKK / KKE)
    T-PHNL1 - Honolulu Intl Airport (Honolulu, HI) (PHNL / HNL)
    T-RJFK1 - Kagoshima Airport (Kirishima, Kagoshima) (RJFK / KOJ)
    T-RPWD1 - Francisco Bangoy Int'l (now RPMD) Airport (RPWD / RPWD)
    T-UEEE1 - Yakutsk Airport (Yakutsk, Russia) (UEEE / YKS)
    T-ULPB2 - Besovets Airport (Petrozavodsk, Russia) (ULPB / PES)
    T-UNKL3 - Krasnoyarsk Yemelyanovo Airport (Krasnoyarsk, Russia) (UNKL / KJA)
    T-URMT5 - Shpakovskoye Airport (Stavropol, Russia) (URMT / STW)
    T-URWA1 - Astrakhan Airport (Astrakhan, Russia) (URWA / ASF)
    T-USPP6 - Bolshoye Savino Airport (Perm, Russia) (USPP / PEE)
    T-USTR3 - Roschino Airport (Tyumen, Russia) (USTR / TJM)
    T-UWGG4 - Strigino Airport (Nizhny Novgorod, (Russia) UWGG / GOJ)
    T-UWWW2 - Kurumoch Airport (Samara, Russia) (UWWW / KUF)
    T-VEIM1 - Imphal (Tulihal) Airport (Imphal) (VEIM / IMF)
    T-VHHH14 - Hong Kong Int'l Airport (Hong Kong) (VHHH / HKG)
    T-VVDN1 - Da Nang Int'l Airport (Da Nang) (VVDN / DAD)
    T-WIIJ1 - Adisucipto Int'l Airport (Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta (special region)) (WIIJ / JOG)
    T-WIIJ2 - Adisucipto Int'l Airport (Yogyakarta, Yogyakarta (special region)) (WIIJ / JOG)
    T-YHVB1 - Hervey Bay, Queensland, Australia.
    T-ZBAA8 - Beijing Capital Int'l Airport (Beijing) (ZBAA / PEK)
    T-ZGHK1 - Haikou Meilan International Airport
    T-ZGOW1 - Shantou Airport (Shantou, Guangdong) (ZGOW / SWA)
    T-ZSHC2 - Hangzhou Xiaoshan Int'l Airport (Hangzhou, Zhejiang) (ZSHC / HGH)
    T-ZSJD1 - Jingdezhen Airport (Jingdezhen, Jiangxi) (ZSJD / JDZ)
    T-ZSSS11 - Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l Airport (Shanghai) (ZSSS / SHA)
    T-ZSSS6 - Shanghai Hongqiao Int'l Airport (Shanghai) (ZSSS / SHA)


    Source: New Feeder Spotted thread pages 45-49 with feeder ID's listed

    Feel free to add more July 2013 Statistics.

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    FlightRadar24 Feeder Station List (Updated on July 31,2013)

    FR24 F-xxxx / T-xxxx Receivers located around the world Interactive Map:

    & Facebook post:
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    Note: Some F-xxxx Feeders using the DVB-T Dongles.
    There are no F-feeders using DVB-T. All DVB-T feeding is done with regular T-feeding software.
    But the are still some feeders using the old FR24 hardware which is Linux computer + Beast and they have the F-code.