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  • Where is my airport

    I have the iOS pro app in my iPad. I would like to display the arrival table for the airport I fly in and out of but is does not display on the map for me to select.

    How do I do this? The airport is LBE

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    Jeff, that is a hard question. FR24 must have the opinion that you will be wowed by the new and wonderful features and forget the feature list like airports are what it is, unloved since its creation.

    Once a point in time, someone created a forum to offer suggestions on adding airports and people submitted hundreds. Very few were added and people gave up in frustration.

    Seasoned words of advise, Sit Down and enjoy. Nothing is ever complete, it's just a concept waiting for a big payday.



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      The Airport like many other Airports that have not been added to the Map does not have enough Air Traffic passing through it. (If every Airport was put on the Map the clutter would unbelievable.)

      LBE is about to lose its Control Tower and will have to rely on nearby Airports to control its Air Traffic.
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