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Coming soon: Flightradar24 version 3.0 (Next Generation)

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  • Coming soon: Flightradar24 version 3.0 (Next Generation)

    We are happy to announce that we are preparing to launch version 3.0 (Next Generation) of Flightradar24.
    During the preparation of the launch we are experiencing some issues with the database but once work is ready we will have a new and improved flight tracking service.
    One big change is that web version, iOS app and Android will all get the same design. But there are several other big changes and new features that we want to keep secret some more days.

    Please follow us on and to get latest news first!

    What are you hoping to see in version 3.0 (Next Generation)?

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      map with airroutes, STAR,SID, points


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        Ability to set local time - Sorry


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          - The automaticly update of the routes database;
          - The distance already flown;
          - The estimated position of the plane in places with no coverage;
          - Possibility to know if it's night or day in any area.


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            Will be nice if can view detailed history: speed, altitude... and radar.
            For aircrafts who doesn't have full ADS-B mode??? for AN225, AN124, EMB145. I know this aircraft doesnt' display on map, but on aicraft history logged fligth num and date/time. So fr24 radar catch this aircraft but didn't tru location of it.
            It would be nice if we can see history like this for UR-82060
            Latest flights by UR-82060

            ADB501F seen @ 2013-07-05 10:27 UTC Radar: N-LKPR1 (Czech Rep.)
            ADB501F seen @ 2013-07-05 10:32 UTC Radar: N-EPLL1 (Poland)

            Add image compare fr24 and other siteUR-82060.jpg


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              In North America you see many twins (FAA feed and ADS-B) where a single flight is displayed as 2. If you can avoid this that would be great.


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                Also when you click an airport, it would be nice if we can see all 4 types (en route / arrived / departures/ Scheduled departures)


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                  A fresh and renovated interface


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                    How about a semi-static display that shows all aircraft tracks FR has received in the last 24 hours (not the FAA ones) - so coverage holes become apparent - maybe done as a set of 3 hourly map overlays rather than lots of thousands of individual vectors or millions of points


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                      Customizing Bookmarked Views

                      Originally posted by peterhr
                      The ability to enter your own radar id in the display filter ... even when your own radar does not have any planes currently showing.

                      Later edit: When entering a filter - the option to only see planes that match the filter (as at present), or to highlight planes matching the filter(s)
                      Already available in the PREMIUM version for ????? if you are signed in. If you FR24 feeder is running, select the RADAR options in the settings and look through the list for your ID and click on it. On the map zoom in or out to cover your area and at the top right of the map there is a box JUMP TO. Click on that and select create bookmark and give it a name of your radar. I have one and also others of contiguous areas with additional radars around me and another complete contiguous. Before setting the bookmark edit the RADAR settings for each bookmark.

                      After signing in, go to the JUMP TO box and select the bookmark you want. Your customized views are saved accessible by just a click in the JUMP TO menu.

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                        I represent me for the new Flightradar24 is that you have coloureds flightpath!


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                          Vision-Money-Globalization-FR24-Next Generation X-Google

                          What does Vision-Money-Globalization-FR24-Next Generation X-Google have to do with anything we support and love?

                          Money is the grease that enables innovation, allowing mere mortals to fulfill dreams and aspirations beyond hope. The early internet was funded by the deep pockets of government. Universities were connected to allow collaboration through discourse, in a common interest. Today fledgling start-ups are found by the Warren Buffets, hedge funds or Google. Through due diligence they sift through the chaff to find the diamond. I think FR24 is the diamond. It's not evident that FR24 has a Vision yet as to their Market nor the stamina of a few hobbyists to fulfill their hopes before falling away in the fatigue of the "Real World". Volunteerism has its limits.

                          FR24 is the little kid on the block. FR24 needs to establish a public Vision and put in place the folks who will oversee the carrying out of the dream. Coders and hobbyists do not see the big picture but only get confused so management has to be tunnel visioned. In order to attract an Angel to help with the money, a vision and effective management have to be in place to withstand the scrutiny of due diligence. Getting funding is the utmost priority, hosting, servers and licensing are increasing expenses.

                          If the Vision includes Globalization, FR24 needs to be less Eurocentric and appreciate the potential of paying customers in the more rapidly growing Third World. From Asia the latency to the server in Sweden is about 1/2 second. Putting the databases on the Cloud will reduce latency from point A to point B and improve performance on hand held instruments.

                          Cleaning up the code and removing unnecessary not working options is a right step. Flight Digest is an example.

                          Public announcements need to be supported in fact with less hyperbole. Don't ask for routings or airport additions if you don't intend to follow through. How many "NEW Databases" have been announced this year? Garbage in Garbage Out, sameo sameo.

                          In theory a flight begins at observed take-off to observed landing. In the real database world, untracked landings stay in the database and the next flight taken by that aircraft is assumed to be a continuation of the last flight for the contrail and the route information even though the flight number displayed is correct. The route and contrail should be flushed if a recorded landing is not observed. Any "Automatic Route Update" will fail if the underlying programming algorithm is not changed.

                          It seems today that FlightStat, with airport schedules, and Google, with "Real Time" routing do the best jobs. Today, flights from or to airports not in the FR24 airport database are invalid unless they are legacy.

                          FR24, Google and all their engineers, reach and cash are looking since most of the base coding was done by their employees or sponsorship.

                          FR24, I say Strive for Excellence rather than strive for Mediocrity.

                          From the cheap seats we are pulling for you but we are only here for a Season.



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                            ...and the changes is now on the way. The flight data now does looks similar to the iOS FR PRO flight data


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                              Nice clean interface - well done!

                              Please can it be fixed so a click on aircraft reg "G-TUIA" [in the left panel when shown] links to the database info about the aircraft -->

                              Would it be possible to hover over the radar field "T-KAPF1" to decode KAPF airport code and display it, or even to show it on the map
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