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  • Help!!

    OK guys:

    I'm having some troubles here. MY Pc got all messed up and I had to reinstall windows 8, I have followed the instructions to a T that came with the DVB-T Stick. Having some issues here at the moment and cant figure them out.

    I downloaded all zip files as it says, extracted them and put them in the RTL1090 folder as it also says, now when I plug my DVBT stick in to the USB port it was always in from the start 2 things happened, first I don't get any messages saying to install drivers ( I know to ignore them), in the Device Manager it says under Universal Serial Bus controllers Generic USB Hub. When I fire up Zadig and in the options I list all devices all I get in the drop down list is USB Imput Device (Interface1), USB Optical Mouse, and USB Imput device Interface0) No where does it say Bulk-in interface 0. I cant past this step. I have reinstalled windows 8 twice now thinking it will bring back the drives to normal, but no luck.

    Also Mike or whoever in support, I need my sharing key again for T-CYZR1 here in Canada if you could email me with it again.

    If anyone could share some ideas here would be helpful, I cant get back and feeding at the moment until I get the install problem fixed up.

    Regards Andy

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    It will either be installing drivers in the background (you need to find the icon in the taskbar), or has been previously told to skip driver install so is not even prompting for a manual driver install which is a lengthy process from the control panel

    Or, the stick is dead. Put it into another PC to ensure it is still detected properly.
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      Sharing Keys can be easily be recovered using the ? icon top right of the feeder software window.


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        Ok thanks for the help guys. I tried the DVB-T stick on my laptop it works fine, i am back on line, but i cant get the software to work on my pc now, im running windows 8 and have downloaded the proper files as stated in the info for the files that have to be downloaded. Not sure yet why i cant get the USB DVB-T stick to work on my main pc which is a 4 core machine?? It worked fine a few days ago, then i lost a lot of files i think due to a virus and had to reload my pc. No matter what i do, i cant get the computer to recoginze the usb stick as a bulk in interface. If anyone has more ideas let me know.



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          My guess is the wrong USB drivers have become installed. I have the same issue on a PC here and so far I haven't been able to get rid of them.

          Although DVB-T USB devices are low cost they need to be handled with care.


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            Take it you have used forced W7 mode and force un-signed drivers like I mentioned earlier? (By Default Windows8 will NOT let you install drivers that the creator has not signed)

            Couple of things to try..

            Right Click on the set up file of the driver and then select Properties.
            click the compatibility tab and select Windows 7 from the list and then click ok.
            Run install as per normal

            Force driver change..
            - Open System and Security
            - Select System
            - on the right side select Advanced System Settings (may ask for PW if not a local admin)
            - on top select Hardware
            - Device Installations Settings
            - Select - No, let me choose...... And force to the driver directory.
            Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers