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  • Status. not active

    My feeder have been on, reporting no errors, but still the webpage says that last signal was 16.7.13

    Have tried to restart it, but it still is inactive...Skjermbilde 2013-06-26 kl. 17.56.30.png

    T-ENKR4, that I want to be changed to T-ENBV which is the correct location...

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    I'm looking into the inactive Premium.

    Please contact if you want your alias changed.


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      I have the same problem. The status says offline.

      Your feeds

      Radar: F-VOCL1 Status: Offline Last upload: 2013-07-01 08:59:14

      But on map I can see the radar


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        For F- sharers the Last Upload status is not handled the same way.

        Please contact if you need more information.


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          "Status not active" again.. Can anyone give me a update on last received feed from us?


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            Please contact


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              No can do! Fr opp denne tilbakemeldingen(selv om jeg fr sendt til alle(?) andre e-post fra min mailadresse???

              Delivery to the following recipient failed permanently:


              Technical details of permanent failure:
              The account is disabled.


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                This is my mail anyway...

                My premium account is reporting not active though my radar is online all the time.
                Have noticed that ENNA1 is picking up signal all the way over here on now plane
                but have not checked the other ones that comes from east yet.

                Would be nice to have a active account otherwise I can just sell the receiver and disconnect
                from the network.

                Arnt Eirik Hansen
                BVGKKWF/ ENBV(ENKR4)


                Skjermbilde 2013-08-16 kl. 09.28.48.png
                Last edited by Berlevaagnytt; 2013-08-16, 07:42. Reason: added screen dump


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                  Originally posted by Berlevaagnytt View Post
                  My premium account is reporting not active though my radar is online all the time.
                  According to our record here, your last feed was:

                  2013-08-01 18:08:06

                  Is the feeder software running?


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                    Yes, was running yesterday also, and restarted it just in case... still running same as before.. Green lights everywhere ;-)


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                      Can you use RadarView and show local traffic in a different colour?


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                        No, can not find those options (on

                        If you talking about base station I can not check now(Im at work)
                        Last edited by Berlevaagnytt; 2013-08-16, 09:41. Reason: info about web and software


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                          RadarView is an option from within the Premium account.

                          I've extended your Premium subscription so you can try this when you get home.


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                            Yes, I have seen it before, but now obviously. Im logged in here on my own macbook, so I can check now also


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                              Radar view connects your own receiver to check coverage, so you need to run it locally (same network computer - receiver) to be able to connect to receiver and check coverage.