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  • suggestion to increase coverage

    i have a few suggestions to increase coverage, and criteria for the fr24 free equipment, please give opinions.

    1) the software of fr24 can track the aircrafts vannishing, and also log the aircrafts that don't reach the destination, using this, can be made a map of "blind areas" considering that the coverage must be 24/7, a feeder that feeds once a week its not really usefull, unless he is working with other to cover that area in a better span of time (like a guild in games).
    2) locations close to airports (like 3 miles or 5 km distant from airports) usually are usefull, considering the criteria above, since they can provide usefull information for airport users.
    3) a panoramic photo from the place they can install the antena also can be used as a criteria, some people have a amazing view from the sky, 360 degrees, others only X degrees, but that x degrees may be in the direction of one blind spot.

    some of the location included in the "increase coverage" section of the site, includes mostly countries, not cities of that countries, as a result, some countries have a huge coverage in one site, and poor in other, and also, some cities can cover areas from that country, and the nearest country.