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Any detail on when FR24 decides to show a plane?

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  • Any detail on when FR24 decides to show a plane?

    I'm wondering if someone can explain in a bit more detail the logic FR24's website uses when it (a) decides to show a plane at all; and (b) decides to show a plane as yellow (live data). I'm not looking for the general answer, I'm trying to understand a specific case I notice sometimes. Last week I started feeding FR24 from my house the live local data that I'm receiving. From what I can tell, it's flowing through fine and the status on FR24's app shows data flowing through. My free premium account continues to extend, so it does appear valid data is flowing through end-to-end.

    Sometimes though, I can clearly see data locally that I'm receiving with my antenna and feeding through to FR24. But sometimes the plane either is not showing at all on webpage OR it's showing with FAA data delayed. I notice it of course most often when there's physically a plane above me that when I look at the data, I see it locally received by my antenna but not displayed as expected on the webpage. I'm assuming there's something that's causing FR24 to decide not to show my particular data point. Can anyone explain a bit more on what typically would cause this?


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    Without knowing any details about your location or what aircraft is missing and without having a screenshot of the error, it's very hard to give a good answer. But if flights are not showing up as FAA it's probably not a feeding issue, but a flight blocked by FAA.

    FR24feed software uploads LIVE data directly from the receiver. It is NOT uploading the view from your decoding software. I have no idea what decoding software you are using, but it's quite common that different software cache (keep) data on screen for up to 30 minutes. So if it was received by your receiver 5,10,30,120,600 seconds ago, and still is showing on screen, does not mean it's being uploaded to FR24.

    In order to minimize data errors (aircraft jumping around the world, because of signal/decoding errors), FR24feed software needs to receive 2 or 3 ADS-B messages with in 10 or 15 seconds, in order to ensure the quality of the data. So one received signal once per 30 seconds is not enough to upload it to FR24.


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      Some very good info for the FR24 FAQ page
      Could the FAQ page be updated with more additional/updated info.
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