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DVB-T ADS-B receiver and feeder problems; advice and assistance please

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    Hey guys:

    Just to add to the antenna woes i see here in this thread. This is what i did until i can afford to get a proper outside 1090mhz attennas for my DVB-T dongle stick.

    I bought 50 ft of USB.2.0 cable from our local PC outlet store, hooked it up to my pc ran it outside and up to the upper roof evestrough of our house. I took the dongle wrapped it in a freezer baggie, tied it up at both ends, sealed it with silocone, wrapped it again with another plastic bag, put the all ready sealed dongle into the second plastic bag and tied it up as much as i could and sealed it too, hung it under my sophet so it is out of any direct mositure. It works very well, and has withstood us getting over 2 inches of windblown rain a few days ago. I am getting roughtly anywheres from 40 to over 100 miles coverage inputting into FR24.

    I know this is not the permanent solution but hey it works and i am getting excellent coverage for such a small attenna. Has been working for over 2 weeks now without any problems.

    Just though i would share this with everyone.

    Cheers have a great Saturday everyone, because i am at work and not having fun!! LOL


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      I'd be tempted to just try the little magnetic whip antenna that came with the tuner and see what that gives - it's a pretty carp aerial but on my upstairs window cill in the west midlands (uk) it gives me about 10 aircraft.

      once that is working - expand out to a better antenna and pre-amp etc (it's just easier to eat the elephant a slice at a time, rather than trying to swallow it whole)