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ATC live communications in Flightradar24

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  • ATC live communications in Flightradar24

    It would be nice to be able to click on a given Area Control Center on the FlightRadar24 map to get live ATC feeds. Is it foreseable in the future to have that? Thanks.

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    Answered many times before. FR24 does flight tracking, and there are no plans to change that. ATC streaming is illegal in many countries.


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      Sorry, Mike, didn't see it answered and I hate to waste time as much as you do.

      On your comment on the reason not to broadcast ATC feeds based on the fact they are illegal in UK and NZ, then you should shut FR24 down too, since you are broadcasting in those countries ADS-B feeds that are not intended for you. Taken to the extreme, you shouldn't open a website offending an Iranian or Afghan law. Or at least, you should block access to your website from any country where your activity may be deemed as illegal, no matter where your servers are. Do you plan to do that?

      Don't take that seriously, Mike. I can live keeping tabs in my browser for flightradar24 when I need fast tracking and replay, LiveATC when I feel like voice and FlightAware when I want detailed tracklogs. Thank you for the great service!