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Strange aircraft routing and course changes CEV4653

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  • Strange aircraft routing and course changes CEV4653

    In rural France just SW of MPL we were overflown (very unusual) by a a 4 engine commercial jet - probably at 10000'. Heading approx NE. I thought I would go and see what it was. on FlightRadar24 subsequently showed it as flight CEV4653 but with no further information

    Whilst watching its path it went to the N of Nimes (but showing an altitude of 40000'?) executed some complex course changes before flying south and then disappeared when due east of Beziers?

    All at about 16.00 local time on 26/8

    Can anybody tell me what was going on? Please.

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    It has now reappeared on the radar after further complex manouvers around Nimes. The flight track shows it originated from the middle of the English Channel before routing towards Perpignan in a straight line before turning North at approx Perperignan


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      I Think it was a Boeing c-135FR Stratotanker of France Air Force doing its duty.
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        Thank you for that.

        It would fit with the CEV flight No (Centre d'Essais en Vol) French military.

        I only had a fleeting glimpse, but it did look Boeing - Like but not immediately recognisable.

        Must have been a training flight, just before it disappeared off the radar it tracked across a RyanAir flight path (south bound probably going to Gerona) pretty close! with a separation of less than 2000' I think at an altitude of 41,000. About 100km west of Perpignan. If anybody can replay the flight paths they can probably correct me. Makes me wonder if the Military turn the 'Radar broadcast' on and off at will?


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          If I tell you that radar thing, I've to kill you! *lol* just kidding
          The French version of the Stratotanker is afaik in use for air-to-air tanking the Mirage 2000. Maybe that's an explanation for those strange manouvers?


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            It's in the air again making strange manouvers.