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Again, about feeder preference algorythm

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  • Again, about feeder preference algorythm

    Hi all!
    Actually, this post rather addressed to FR24 administration, as probably they only can say, how can be possible that in the area with a several independent ADSB recievers the only one feeder
    is preferred to be seen on FR24.
    I know, similar issue has been discussed here many times, but I believe, this case is slightly different from the simple "last feeder takes preference" rule.
    Attached picture taken on 10 May 2013 illustrates this.
    There are independent sources in the area marked with red circle on the map: UNTT1, UNNT3, UNWW2, UNWW3, UNEE1 and some others. Since last few days, any aircraft passing this area can be seen
    as tracked mostly (95% of cases) by UNTT1 radar, inspite of all other feeders are on-line 24/7. Most of those radars are able to detect the aircrafts at the distance up to 250 miles in circular visibility.
    Nevertheless, planes can be seen as tracked by other radars very rarely, if UNTT1 can't spot them physically, on very low altitudes, for instance.
    This is really great, that we have good coverage in that area, but on other hand, such "absolute preference" for the single radar/feeder can dramatically discourage other active feeders to contribute their
    efforts to FR24.
    Can someone clarify, why such long-lasting, exclusive preference takes place? What is so good can have one feeder and can't have others? IP-packet roundtrip, feeding SW, recieving HW? What???

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    1) Why create another thread, if this is already discussed in!) ?

    2) As mentioned in!) it's not an algorithm, it's always LATEST data. If one code is shown more often than other it's probably because faster computer and/or internet connection or better routing to FR24 servers. If it takes feeder X - 7 seconds to decode and upload data, and feeder Y makes it in 2 seconds, Y will be shown more often.

    3) As I asked in!) please give me a suggestion of other system if you don't like today system. Showing old data from feeder X, if there is new from Y is not an option.


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      Hello Mike,
      thanks for your quick replay!
      I'm sorry for creating a new thread if such questions use to be discussed in the regards to feeding SW. You can move this discussion to that place if appropriate. No regrets
      As for the subject, in general, I've verified my own suspicions on how many other factors such as "faster computer and/or internet connection or better routing to FR24 servers" can affect.
      Btw, just I posted this thread, delusion has vanished and other radars took (for a while) their aircrafts for tracking first time since few last days.
      Have you just tweaked something?
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        You might want to Copy and Paste the list into programs like Excel few times doing the day. Sort them by radar codes to review them end of the day.!/planes.php

        These were logged just now.

        CSN346 CZ346 A333 B-6111 78046C 0000 T-UNWW3

        TYA551 Y7551 B738 VQ-BDW 42499C 0000 T-UNTT1
        DLH736 LH736 A343 D-AIGO 3C64EF 0000 T-UNTT1
        CCA962 CA962 A332 B-6130 78048C 0000 T-UNTT1
        CES220 MU220 A332 B-6538 7807D6 0000 T-UNTT1
        CES554 MU554 A332 B-5908 780932 0000 T-UNTT1
        SBI3271 S73271 A320 VQ-BRD 424559 0000 T-UNTT1
        AFR264 AF264 B773 F-GSQJ 394A09 0000 T-UNTT1
        CCA966 CA966 B77W B-2089 780022 0000 T-UNTT1
        SBI9983 S79983 A320 VQ-BOA 424549 0000 T-UNTT1
        AFR112 AF112 B773 F-GSQI 394A08 0000 T-UNTT1
        AFL1440 SU1440 A320 VP-BWD 400140 2735 T-UNTT1
        FIN57 AY57 A343 OH-LQG 461EB2 0000 T-UNTT1
        AFR128 AF128 B773 F-GSQH 394A07 0000 T-UNTT1
        KLM869 Missing B772 PH-BQF 48436D 0000 T-UNTT1
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