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    hello i like to listen to the jets going from europe to america i know the high frequency to listen in on is ''SHANWICK'' over west europe but what is the frequency to listen in on once they get near north america? can someone help thanks

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    Not sure if you have used Live ATC
    I feed in from my Australian location (YBCS) on a 24 day basis.
    this may be what your looking for.

    and here is a map of the airports covered


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      thank you yes i use that link when i listen to the planes on high frequency over ireland heading west they talk to ''shanwick'' but after about 200 miles west of ireland they are told that radar coverage is terminated and then they have to switch to some radio frequency but i was wondering what frequency they go back onto when they get closer to canada i think its gandar but i clicked on that once and it was very quite


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        From 30 degrees West they hand over the Gander Radio in Canada. Gander use some of the same frequencies as Shanwick and I can hear them from here in NW Scotland at night.
        Here's a list of frequencies that'll keep you busy:


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          As Hebwx said the frequencies are the same but due to the nature of HF may be slightly different while still inside the allocation. Usually as the aircraft are exiting the ocean they will be given the VHF frequencies by Gander which you should on liveatc as posted in previous posts.