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Feeding when away from 'Home Location'

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  • Feeding when away from 'Home Location'

    As part of the FR24 feeder setup, you are asked where you are located (latitude & Longitude) and given an ID that refers back to your local airport.

    If you visit a different world area, will FR24 still accept reports from you (as long as you have reconfigured your set-up to say where you are connecting from (latitude, longitude)

    If this 'away from home feeding' is possible - is it possible to set up the software (in my case the R.Pi version) so the current location is fed from a GPS puck & software?

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    Nope. I'm lead to believe the feeding software has the GPS setting known to ensure no false data from outside your reception zone. If it sees data from more than 400kms from your location I think it is ignored.

    You are better to use planeplotters secondary upload feature if you are a PP user.
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