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    I did a few searches on the site, and looked through the FAQ, but I'm not seeing an answer to this: Where can I see the full set of aircraft icons FR24 uses?

    I ask because looking at the FR24 screen one would get the impression that almost every aircraft flying is a twin engine jet, which is absolutely not the case. I'd like to help out by making some suggestions for icon changes for specific aircraft but that's difficult to do if I don't know what icons are in the set, or how to refer to them. For example, I was just watching the track of a local aircraft which is a Nanchang CJ-6 trainer based at a nearby airport. It's a single engine prop plane, so the twin engine jet icon is wrong for it, but I don't know what other icons there are, so I can't suggest one that would be more appropriate.

    Added: the tail # is N6097U

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    Okay, so I just realized that while I have upgraded aircraft icons on my android phone, I don't seem to have them for the browser. So, silly question time... How do I get the browser version of FR24 to agree with the app version? Because right now the browser (Chrome) is showing a Cessna 172M Skyhawk with the icon for a twin engine jet, while my phone correctly shows it as a single engine light aircraft.


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      KJ4VOV, short answer is nothing you can do, the Icons are set by the web site operator, who may be busy on other tasks, given the amount of requests we seem to generate for him, Im sure he will get round to the web site some time soon..


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        Oh well... Thanks for the reply though, it's appreciated.