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Augmented Reality view in windows 8 phones.

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  • Augmented Reality view in windows 8 phones.

    I have been trying to use this feature on my windows 8 phone, it works not too bad. What i am finding is when i see a jet flying overhead or close to being overhead i will try the augmented reality view on my phone. It seems to pick up many what looks like jets flying near, all the black boxes with the flight info in it and the tiny arrow on the bottom of the box pointing to near where the plane is flying doesent happen all the time but quite often. Its very confusing to say the least, not sure which is which plane flying, usually have to refer to the flightradar map to confirm what the augmented view is picking up.

    Also when i point my phone up in the sky at a near by flying plane, some of the boxes seem to be racing all over the screen of my phone like they are moving to where the jet is flying.

    The weird part is that some of these extra boxes that show up in the augmented view the planes are not even showing up on the flightradar24 map.

    Anyone else experiencing this weird thing??

    Regards Andy