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    Google Earth parametersishot-2854.jpgishot-2855.jpg


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      there is a separate thread for premium already. however the biggest fault is people not realising the "premium" word on the left of the window is a button, and you need to click it to log in

      you may need to adjust those settings to 24bit from 32, and take off compress to see if it makes a change. i was meaning google earth has a separate app you can use on the pc. and if it runs the same as the web plugin, it indicates a system issue.

      the web window is simply a java version talking to the same servers and system as the main google earth app
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        For Oblivian--Understand the Premium button now--thanks. The only alternate to 32 bit is 16, don't see a 24 there. I will try that. Sorry the rest of what you are saying is beyond me (Google Earths separate app, web plugin, java version talking to the...)
        Not computer literate enough, but dont worry, things are working tolerable at the moment.


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          This may be with me because I am using Win 7 64 Bit for Flight Simulator X.