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Unusual round trips?

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  • Unusual round trips?

    Is it common that airlines make round trips?
    Airline: Air Moldova
    Flight: 9U893
    From: Chisinau, Chisinau (KIV)
    To: Chisinau, Chisinau (KIV)
    Comment: Round trip
    Aircraft: Airbus A320-211 (A320)
    Reg: ER-AXV
    Altitude: 33975 ft (10356 m)
    V/S: -1152 fpm
    Speed: 455 kt (843 km/h, 524 mph)
    Track: 246
    Hex: 504D51
    Squawk: 6471
    Pos: 46.2897 / 10.903
    Radar: T-LIPU2

    What is the purpose to fly thousands of km in a circle?

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    A Round Trip Flight does not go in a circle, what it does is return to the same Airport it departed from using the same Flight Number and will go in this case Via (V): Milan (Italy)

    I have just found out that this Flight is not a round trip and is due to return using to KIV on 9U894, i will fix this error in the Database.
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      Thank you!