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  • Incorrect times.

    I have noticed when you click on to an aircraft you get the drop down page on the left, if you click onto one of the airports that the flight is using, it opens up another screen
    Time: 05:42:43 AM (+08:00) its actually 6.42am
    Time: 07:43:14 AM (+10:00) its actually 8:43am

    I have noticed that the times for all these airports are 1 hour slow,
    when i typed this,

    This as far as i can see is all the airports, I have checked Bombay , Singapore , Sydney <,Cairns and Manchester.
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    It doesn't seem to take into count for local DST/STD

    We went to standard time last week, also shows an hr out for me.
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      In the Northern Hemisphere, there is currently "Summer Daylight Saving Time" in effect ?

      BA11 used to arrive in WSSS at 17.30 hrs local time. Now it arrives 16.30 hrs local time.
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        My comment was its showing the incorrect country / city time, Cairns is +10 utc so if its 8.00pm, it show 7.00 pm by mistake, looks like the server computer time is out .