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Cockpit view now displays city names, borders and more. Why?

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  • Cockpit view now displays city names, borders and more. Why?

    Hi guys! I recently experienced problems with cockpit view: Since yesterday all of a sudden cockpit view displays places such as cities, municipality borders, borders and other details (as shown below).
    Didn't change any settings on my computer (runs on Windows 8 Pro, but I even tested on a Windows 7-system today and experienced the same problem). The problem appears in all browsers I use (Google Chrome, Firefox). I tried to re-install Google Earth and/or Google Earth-Plugin several times. I've even deleted all remaining Google Earth-folders manually from my hard disk, but the problem remains. The settings in my Google Earth-installation is set to only show plain maps. Everything else is switched off, even places, borders and 3D-buildings. Even though the problem remains. Anyone who knows a solution or anyone else having that kind of issues?

    Greetings from Stockholm


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    It looks like this is a new feature, i find it useful as it gives more information and i can find the position of the Aircraft is easier.

    I think this would have been added by Google.
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      Hi speedbird1960. The idea about that new feature, if it is one, is pretty good, especially to display the names of cities, mountains and lakes is maybe not a bad idea at all.
      But as you can see on the picture I uploaded above, the several yellow and green borders are "lumped together" at the horizon which looks really poor.
      I hope premium users of FR24 soon will be able to choose in settings which textures to be shown on map.
      Personally I prefer the plain view like looking out of an airplane window, but of course I do understand this is a matter of personal taste.