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  • Strange objects

    I am feeding using an SBS-3 and a roof antenna, which give me a range of around 200 nm. I have also been playing with a DVB-T stick and this afternoon I hooked it up to the antenna I use with the SBS-3. The results were really good - I'm not able to detect any significant difference using the $3.95 stick versus the expensive SBS-3.

    However - and that' why I'm writing this post - I got a lot of signals with hexcodes B00xxx. From what I can see, these are not valid codes. They were moving and appeared to behave like jets, both speed and altitude. One appeared to pass close to me and I could see an object in approximatly the same position. Could this be MLAT-related, that the receiver receive position signals, but is not able to identify the aircraft? Or what create these signals? You can see several in the attached screenshot.
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    Spooky man!
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      I have seen lots of these over the UK over the last week, sometimes they have just the Registration missing, i have also seen them with Hex: 000000 codes and no Registration.
      They are more than likely MLAT Tests.

      This Playback shows virtualy the same as whats visible on the screenshot.
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        We are not making any MLAT tests in live production.


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          Have you get a Priest to bless your $3.95 stick ?

          Looks spooky !
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