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Appreciation Thread - Thank You Feeders.

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    welcome back to T-RKSO2 at South Korea! Hope your feed can stay on most of the time as the range is very good! 감사합니다 !

    a radarcape? you can beat F-RKSS1 and F-RKTU1! amazing!
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      Thanks to T-WMKN1 who is providing quite good coverage towards the South China Sea from Terrenganu, Malaysia. Coverage goes up as far north as the southernmost Peninsula of Ca Mau, Vietnam. New antenna? anyway thanks for whatever you have done to increase coverage.

      NB: I can assess your range better perhaps because F-VVTS1 is offline. Your range is good.. hopefully you gave a go in applying for the free FR24 receiver?
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        also... welcome back to T-RODN1 after being offline since the end of January/early Febuary!


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          Nice! Thanks for whoever is hosting F-WRRW2 getting coverage back around Waingapu, Indonesia. F-WRRW1 has gone missing for quite sometime so it's good to have good coverage back at that part of Indonesia. Now if only a receiver goes to Banjarmasin of South Borneo...