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How to record a flight as a gpx file

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  • How to record a flight as a gpx file

    I've just used Flightradar24 to record a flight I took last week into a gpx-file with which I've successfully location-tagged the pictures I took on the flight.
    Here's how:
    a) This will only work in Mozilla Firefox (or at least it is untested in other browsers), it might also stop working as soon as Flightradar24 changes its interface.
    b) Search for a flight in the recent past you want to record, and start its playback.
    c) Hit "pause" as soon as the flight is initialized (i.e. as soon as the left pane with the flight-information is fully loaded).
    d) Turn the slider to the desired exactness, recording is life, so the slower the playback the more exact the data in the gpx-file

    Here's where the fun begins:
    e) Open Firefox's JavaScript environment (Shift-F4)
    f) Copy the contents of this script Flightradar24ToGPX-Alternative.txt into the window, then execute the script by pressing Ctrl-R. A Message-box will tell you recording has started (Click ok to get rid of it).
    g) Hit the "play"-button in the Flightradar24 window. The script will now record the flight into a gpx-file.
    h) Once the plane has landed or disappeared from the sensors, the flight-information pane will disappear and the usual search pane will appear on the left of the window. Below this, you will see a text-area filled with something that starts with something like "<xml ...>". Copy the contents of this textarea into a txt-file of your choice and rename its extension to gpx (Or right-click into it, Text>Save As). Et voilą - there you go.

    - if your session times out during recording, you will lose the file. If this flight-playback takes longer than 10 minutes, press Pause and Play every 5 minutes or so, this will prevent your session from timing out.
    - if you are impatient and only want to record part of a flight, go to the specific time, start recording, and just close the plane-information pane (thereby revealing the textarea with the gpx file underneath).
    - the data is only as accurate as what Flightradar24 shows you. Maximum accuracy is one track-point every minute.

    - You can use this to keep a flight safe beyond the time Flightradar keeps it.
    - You can use this to playback a flight in Google Earth
    - You can use this to tag pictures taken on the flight. Below is a screenshot with the excellent GeoSetter software, three flights I recorded like this are visible on the map, and to the left you will see a couple of pictures I geotagged with this approach. geosetter.jpg

    Have fun!

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    Hello grovel,
    Sounds great, but doesn't work for me.
    I think, Flightradar24 has changed a lot of element names.
    Can you check this and upload a new version of the text file?
    Regards DDR-STN


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      Have a read of this thread, i was able to record Flightradar24.
      AMS Daily Fight Information:


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        Hello speedbird1960,

        sorry, I don't need a video from playback.

        I need the raw track information.

        Regards DDR-STN


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          @grovel - Unfortunately your script does not work for me in Firefox
          any other solution?

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