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7700 7600 filter?????

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  • 7700 7600 filter?????

    Hi all and thanks for doing a great job.

    It would be good to have 7700 and 7600 filter on the filters option page. If selected, most of the time you would have a blank map. if an emergency code was squawked it would be visible immediately.



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    All squawk 7600 and 7700 are automatically marked with red color and there is also a notification in the Twitter window.


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      Well, I suppose a generic squawk code filter would be nice. That way you could achieve what you wanted, and if for some reason a listener heard a squawk code given they could enter it and filter by it. I suspect it'd be a rarely used item.

      All squawk 7600/7700 are shown on twitter almost right away. Likewise if you have the phone app you can get alerts and then find the flight code right away. The plane is shown in red and can be seen quite easily too. So in terms of importance in new features this would I assume, be quite low down for these reasons.


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        Thanks for the replies guys, yes I do have the app on android. As Pete said the filter could be used to track any squawk too. I agree it may be little used! Sometimes there is a delay before it appears on twitter! even though they turn red on the screen, if displaying all aircraft they can be lost among other aircraft.

        I think that it would be a nice to have option, I also understand the low importance.......

        Thanks again and keep up the good work!



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          Twitter is usually posted first. With apps it may take up to 90 seconds to distribute alerts to all phones.


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            For those uploaders with a Kinetics Basestation (and this may also include other devices/software but you'd have to check individualy) there is a little app called 'flight display' which I use that can be set to 'Alert' all manner of things, including squawk codes of any type and can even be made audible. Obviously this is only applicable to your own radar but I find it invaluable. If I can remember where I got it I'll add the link if I ever find it- Mr Google might help those interested.

            It's a bit of a pity that any selected aircraft on the FR24 map also 'lights up' red. Perhaps another colour? Green might work ok- just a thought. And many thanks again to the brilliant guys behind FR24 they are utter geniuses (genieii??) and do an amazing job for us to enjoy a great hobby. Sometimes the missus would I think prefer I did bird watching but ........... no I wont go there.

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