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    Hi to the forum. I am sharer YWYY1 from Tasmania. I have a technical question that I have sent to support twice with no reply.
    All my shared data to FR24 works 100% ...well almost 100%
    There is one airframe that does not show on the FR24 maps when shared by me. That same airframe when in range of another nearby sharer suddenly appears.
    The aircraft data.......... VH-PPJ C/N 3059 7C4E15
    This is the only aircraft that doesnt show from me.
    Why is it so


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    Originally posted by YWYY View Post
    I have a technical question that I have sent to support twice with no reply.
    I have no record of any messages from you?

    When were they sent and how?


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      Hi Mike I sent to "" on 26 Jan - is that the right place ? Also sent one a few months ago.
      Anyhow is there a solution to my question.
      When this aircraft is in my region - as its a Search and Rescue aircraft, others in my area cant see it on FR24.
      So I have to enable sharing to Airnav network, then it shows up on FR24 shared by TF4V.
      Thats another question you may answer for me. The data shared to Airnav network is also available to FR24 as FAA data
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        The above one should still work. but try this one too. Mikael's other email
        The main support team address
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          Hmm maybe the questions are too hard.
          Or maybe not info freely available to the general public.



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            i have a question with the Show of Data .

            I shared my Data with the Fr24 Network, i receive many aircraft signals .

            But there are, if you click on it in the aircraft in the near of my station , displayed other radar stations, as my? , why is that ?

            Thanks for response


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              its because others receivers is sharing better signal positions. your receiver still also contribute for triangulation.

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                Originally posted by mrcarlos View Post
                its because others receivers is sharing better signal positions.
                This isn't the reason.

                FR24 cannot allocate every feeder ID to every tracked flight. My guess it allocates a feed ID when it first tracks a flight and continues to use it until that feeder is no longer tracking the flight. Then it allocates another.

                The only time I see my feed ID is when I'm tracking a low level flight that no one else can see. Higher altitude aircraft which are within a few miles of my location are attributed with feed IDs that are possibly hundreds of miles away.

                It has nothing to do with "better signals".


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                  thanks for the answer