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Flightradar24 Premium *.wpt files for MacBook

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  • Flightradar24 Premium *.wpt files for MacBook

    I have just upgraded to Flightradar24 Pro - excellent radar display page. It said in the opening preamble that i could add VOR/NDB fixes by uploading a *.wpt file. But i have searched the Web and can't find this sort of file for the Mac? I am missing something obvious? Any help welcomed.

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    Waypoint (.wpt) and Outline (.out) files are text files used by the Basestation software. Other Mode-S receiver software packages use them too and they're available from a number of sources.

    A good place to start is the SBS-Resources website:

    Download SBS-Resources and then "install" the Waypoint files and then upload them to RadarView.

    Bones' Tutorial website explains more about the files and how they're structured:

    Look at T3.2 Outlines.


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      Hi FR24support - thanks for the speedy response - I will check out the links. Great service from you guys.


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        This may help to create a Waypoint text file (.wpt). Use Notepad or another suitable text editor. DO NOT USE WORD.

        I can't remember where I found this so I can't acknowledge the author. It was written for use with Basestation. Remember if you use Basestation, you can upload the Basestation.ini file to RadarView too.

        "Each waypoint should be entered as a single line in the file. It must be in the following format:

        Description, Waypoint Label, Waypoint Type, Detail Level, Latitude, Longitude, Height


        This is a name for the location.

        i.e. "Elstree"

        Waypoint Label

        This is an additional code for the waypoint. This parameter can be left blank.

        i.e. "EGTR"

        Waypoint Type

        The waypoint type indicates what type of waypoint the waypoint is (examples of types are airport, VOR, NDB). It should be a number from 1 upwards.

        Users can add additional waypoint types, but the stanard types are as follows:

        1 = General
        2 = Major Airfields
        3 = VOR
        4 = NDB
        5 = Intersection
        6 = TACAN
        7 = VRP
        8 = ANO
        9 = Disused A/D
        10 = Parachute
        11 = Gliding
        12 = Heliports
        13 = Hang Gliding
        14 = Microlights
        15 = Minor Airfields
        16 = Location

        You can see if these types have been added to on your BaseStation by going to the Display Settings dialog box (click on the Settings->Display Settings menu) and then going to the Waypoints tab.

        Detail Level

        Detail level determines whether the waypoint will disappear when you zoom out or not. This parameter must have a value of either 1 or 2.

        A value of 1 means that the waypoint will always be visible. A value of 2 means that it will disappear when the screen is zoomed out beyond a certain level.


        This is the latitude of the waypoint in decimal degrees.


        This is the longitude of the waypoint in decimal degrees.


        This is the elevation of the waypoint, and should be given in feet AMSL.


        Elstree Aerodrome is contained in a file called UnitedKingdon.wpt. Its waypoint label is EGTR, it is an airport (type 3), it is always visible no matter what the zoom level is, has a latitude of 51.655825N and a longitude of 0.325852778W. Its elevation AMSL is 334ft. Therefore, the line required to display the waypoint is as follows:


        Note that Western longitudes should be entered as negative values, as should southern latitudes."


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          Waypoints into .wpt files

          I have downloaded waypoints from the net but I would like to create a couple of important waypoints of my own in Radarview. I have tried all of the above mentioned things, but I don't have Basestation hardware so Basestation software or SBS resources won't work for me. I do know and understand the parameters needed for waypoint files. I have used waypoints in GPS devices but all of them have other file types, not .wpt
          My problem is that if I write with Notepad/WordPad and save it, it will be saved as a .txt file and Radarview does not take text files, only .wpt and .out
          So my question is: how can I save or convert a waypoint file so that it can be uploaded on to Radarview. I have tried at least half a dozen programs on the net but I have not been able to convert a .txt file into a .wpt or .out file. Is there any other way of creating a waypoint of your own on Radarview?


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            I'm win user so please try this:
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              A wpt file is just a text file.

              Just change the extension from txt to wpt.


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                Thanks guys. Problem solved.