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Mystery FR24 browser problem: Planes and map keep black..!

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    My guess is that it's a problem with a firefox plugin, as you don't see the banner.


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      Last year, one of my plugins stopped working. I tried disabling then enabling it but it still failed to work.

      The developer advised disabling ALL plugins then re enabling them one at a time to see which plugin was affecting the one I was tring to get to work. I did this and the result was that every single on - including the one I wanted - all worked normally! It's a bit of a pain but you might have a bit of spare time over Christmas...


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        Dual spotting display

        After I got the courage to install a second browser I found it very useful.

        Now I can follow two flight each in its own browser without need to switch windows:

        2012-12-21-1 FR24 on Chrome and PF on Firefox twin display - OH7HJ.jpg

        So the problem is now settled with an extra advantage. Thanks everybody for help, and Merry Xmas!

        - Juha -