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Tuto : setting up MicroADSB and FR24 for datastreaming

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  • Tuto : setting up MicroADSB and FR24 for datastreaming

    Hi folks,

    this is my first post here, I just boughta cheap MicroADSB reciever.
    My laptop is running under Windows seven 64 bit family edition.

    1. run your computer

    2. register a premium account on website

    3. connect the antenna to the reciever, and the reciever to the USB port of your computer

    4. insert the manufacturer's CDROM

    5. START > COMPUTER > RIGHT CLIC > PROPERTIES > MANAGE HARDWARE > clic on the new device > UPDATE PILOT > manual choose this directory : CRDOM:\driver\cdc

    6. run the software : CRDOM:\pc_software\adsbscope\25\adsbscope25_16384. exe

    7. select COM PORT : I got it on port #6, but yours might be another, mainly greater than 5
    05-11-2012 17-57-29.png

    05-11-2012 18-01-57.png

    9. select CONNECT

    05-11-2012 18-02-16.png

    10. set Zoom to almost the minimum

    05-11-2012 18-02-44.png

    11. you'll get a greater zone

    05-11-2012 18-02-57.png

    You may display the boundaries with the LOAD MAPS menu.
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    12. zoom where you see the planes

    05-11-2012 18-03-32.png

    13. verify the network configuration (port 30003)

    05-11-2012 18-58-02.png

    05-11-2012 18-57-34.png

    14. Check SERVER ACTIVE

    05-11-2012 18-06-27.png

    15. Launch FR24.exe. Enter the email address used for registration, enter your basestation coordinates, click START. After a few seconds, the status is set to OK. Check flightradar24, Wait 30 seconds, planes appear. It works !

    05-11-2012 18-12-51.png

    In fact I had no issue at all regarding firewall or antivirus. I have the standard Windows firewall, and I use Avira Free Antivirus.
    I only had to accept the outgoing connection at the first launch of the software.
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      I must say that I'm impressed by the number of planes tracked. I have no experience with other SBS products, but with the delivered standard "demo" antenna, I got some planes up to 250 NM (almost 450 km) away. I just put the antenna at the window, not on the roof, but I have a good view over the sea, at 10 km from the shore and at an altitude of about 1200 ft.


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        Great guide! Thanks!


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          Hi, a little questions now : do you know if there is any way to get a tracklog of the flights I track, maybe in the GPX, or KML or even CSV format, with time/coordinates/altitude/hdg/spd/fltnumber ?
          Is that possible with the standard soft or do I need some more evoluated software, maybe planeplotter or anything else ?

          I would like to keep a record of all the recieved tracks for some period of time.