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Cockpit View - There was a problem with the Google Earth Plugin.

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  • Cockpit View - There was a problem with the Google Earth Plugin.

    There is definitely a bug here. I can smell it. Its most pungent in the morning, but is it with FR24 or GE Plugin?

    It always comes up the second, or subsequent, time Cockpit view is selected. I have tried on XP, Vista and W7. I've tried with IE8 & IE9 and Firefox (I don't use Chrome, wouldn't touch it with a bargepole! Far too many horror stories... )

    I have tried deleting cookies and browsing histories and I've tried uninstalling Google Earth Plugin and reinstalling and I've tried installing Google Earth.

    However, I have seen reports of this error going in to Google as well so possibly it is either the way FR24 is implementing the plugin functionality (IE. Maybe the bug is in the API documentation) and/or a defect with the plugin itself.

    What makes me nervous is; Why has this not been caught during testing? If there is a hard fault, why is FR24 not being inundated with folk whinging that it doesn't work? I've tried this on three separate machines (XP, W7 & VISTA) and they ALL exhibit the same issue. So why does this seem to be only me an a few others? I shall keep digging - i love the smell of a bug in the morning.....

    Mat Walker MCAD (.Net) | ISTQB-CTFL
    Senior Test Automation Analyst

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    I use Chrome and it works perfectly for me.Never had a problem with Chrome,and wouldn't use anything else..Just out of curiosity if nothing else,try it in Chrome.


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      I guess you could find some answers in the other Cockpit view thread


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        I have had problems with the plug ins and also chrome which I found troublesome it would try to take over my laptop and exclude both my Homepage and my preferred browser Internet Explorer. I seem to have it sorted now I uninstalled Google Earth and reinstalled the latest updated version OK in the UK.
        Des Barrass