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Flightradar24 app for Windows 8

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  • Flightradar24 app for Windows 8

    Flightradar24 is a flight tracking service that makes it possible to track and follow live air traffic from all around the world.

    Flightradar24 is also available as an App on Windows Store for Windows 8 computers.

    Here are some features that are available in the Flightradar24 Windows 8 App:
    - View full aircraft info, route info, picture of the aircraft and estimated ETA.
    - View flight trails directly on map.
    - Aircraft moving in real time.
    - Search for flights.
    - Airport information with arriving and departing flights.

    Latest version of Flightradar24 Windows 8 App is 1.1 and was released 2012-12-11. Download Flightradar24 Windows 8 App here: Flightradar24 Windows 8 App on Microsoft Store

    Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

    I have previously downloaded Flightradar24 Windows 8 App and have changed computer or deleted the app by mistake, do I need to buy it again?

    You can download an app an unlimited number of times if you use the same Microsoft account that you used to buy the app first time.

    I have problems downloading Flightradar24 Windows 8 App, can you help me?

    The app is downloaded from Micosoft Store, not from Flightradar24, so we cannot affect the download process. If you have problems downloading the app check your Internet connection, restart the computer and try to download again.

    After a recent update the app is crashing all the time, what should I do?

    Please delete the app, restart your computer and install the app again. This solves 99% of the crash problems!

    If you have any other questions or suggestions about Flightradar24 Windows 8 App please use the reply button bellow to post a reply!

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    This is the first and initial release of the app intended to be part of Microsoft Windows 8 launch campaign. It is still quite simple but of course it will be improved during the next months. All comments and feature requests are welcome.


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      Guys, Thanks for this great app, l`m sure we will see some great things with up and coming new versions.... This is a big win for all of us.

      Again well done.



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        Hi guys, just a thought, would love to see the aircraft logos just like apple and android. also it be nice to click on an airport and see the logo`s next to incoming and out going aircraft. l would love to see auto tracking, click on a plane and it will track it.
        A great new idea, when you track a aircraft then it drops off how about an auto track once flightradar24 picks it up again down the way it will continue the tracking or asks if you like to continue to track.

        Again guys
        Thanks sooo much


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          Hi, any thoughts on what might be released on the next patch?

          Thanks Guys


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            I think the Win 8 application is a great start and close to the other versions. I really miss the filter functions and am wondering if they have be implemented but I don't know how to access it?

            Holland, PA 18966 US


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              hey mate, when your in your app swipe from right which will bring up your charms, click on settings then options. not much there yet.


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                Downloaded new APP on PC .Will still use Android version & web version while it is developed. Thanks a great App for us plane spotters in Sydney.


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                  Originally posted by Mike View Post
                  This is the first and initial release of the app intended to be part of Microsoft Windows 8 launch campaign. It is still quite simple but of course it will be improved during the next months. All comments and feature requests are welcome.
                  Mike, greetings from down under. I am using FR24 on android and via a browser and have downloaded the win 8 app and installed. Thee seems to be a problem in resetting the scale, when I move to the right centre the bing + an - does not appear. Have checked out the bing maps and they function correctly. Recognise it is early days with the app so Is this work in progress? Do I have a local problem?


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                    Hi there!
                    Is there FR24 PRO app for Windows 8 phone in development?

                    Regards from Germany


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                      Hi Mike, great app; I'm becoming addicted ;-)

                      One minor thing for the Win 8 version. My desktop Win 8 reports my 'Location' about 200 miles from where I am; this, I suspect, is where my ISP servers are. Would it be possible in future versions to be able to define a 'home' location.



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                        I have found that the aircraft icons disappear if I go away from the app for a while and then open it up again, but when this happens I still see the aircraft call signs. In order to get the icons to re-appear I need to close the app and restart it. I don't know if it is relevant, but I bought the model graphics upgrade.


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                          Thanks, the net version also bounces you off if you leave it for a while. They understandably do not want people hanging off their servers for ever. My question was expecting there to be a "+" and "-" button on the right (as there is on Bing Maps) to zoom in and out. I eventually put brain into gear and used the keyboard "+" and "-" to zoom in and out. Also, FWIW, the arrow keys work for panning from location to location. Should have worked that out t the time but senility is creeping in!
                          Gordon K


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                            I've just bought your application for Windows 8, but I don't seem to find the "Filter" option... Isn't it supported?
                            If I want to filter by aircraft, call-sign and so on (i.e, I only want A380 to appear, like I do on your website or on iOS), I won't be able to?
                            If this option does not exist, will it be added? It is a must.

                            Best Regards


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                              Great Windows 8 App. I use the Internet Browser, but this App is great.

                              I hope also to the altitude of the aircraft color as the Internet browser in the Windows 8 App. The Search window is also missing as the Internet browser. This Features is still missing.

                              And the flight info (details) should put the option to choose the right or left of the screen, because that current window but often obscured the route. But the current window would be okay, if a little more distance from the aircraft would be.

                              Otherwise, I hope to further Improvements and new Features.

                              Best Regards
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