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How is the Radar/ICAO determined?

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  • How is the Radar/ICAO determined?

    On the website it says "your data will appear on the site with your airport ICAO code as "radar" receiver, e.g. ESSA, EGGL, EDDH, LIML, etc.". How is that airport determined, is it the one closest to the receiver's location?

    Also from some of the posts I read it seemed like airports play some role in receiving ADS-B signals, is that true? I thought the planes just broadcast regardless of an airport being in the vincinity. So what is the reason for using the ICAO-code as radar receiver? To anonymize the receiver's actual location?

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    Correct. Area they cover closest to major airport that has most the ADSB traffic.

    It simply helps onlookers work out what area they are likely to see covered, and prevent 'how come I cant see it over x city when I can over y'
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