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Flightradar24 - ground aircraft not shpown using Chrome 22 web

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  • Flightradar24 - ground aircraft not shpown using Chrome 22 web

    I'm one of those middle-aged blokes who reads instructions, FAQs & other forum posts before typing.
    Still can't figure out how to see aircraft on the ground. It is of course "On" in Settings and I've played with the filters to distraction.
    There's got to be someone out there who knows what I'm doing wrong?
    I sincerely apologise if 2 days (on and off) reading FAQs and other forum posts should have been sufficient.

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    As long as your Settings are the same as below you should see 'Ground Traffic', the only thing i can think of is that you are viewing Airports with none.
    Try Heathrow, its got lots of Ground Traffic.,-0.46/13

    'Show ground traffic' 'On'

    Mike / Speedbird
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      Cheers Speedbird. I've currently got 7 at Heathrow on the ground - so it does work in parts. Reason for Query: Followed 7700's to ground in the past couple of weeks (in real time) and none of them appeared once safely on the ground. Can they switch the transponder off if they wish or is it that coverage doesn't always extend to ground level due to receiver positioning? Or something else equally uninformed like that


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        Hi Andy.

        You will find most major Airports have Ground Traffic, but as you say the ones that don't show can be down to coverage.

        Also you will not see Ground Traffic if the Feeder to Flightradar24 switches it off from their Radar.
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          That all makes sense for so many reasons (and also explains why other 'odd stuff' can disappear from view on occasions).
          Thank you Speedbird. Excellent info which may also help others.