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Plane disappeared on map and "arrivals" info screen.

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  • Plane disappeared on map and "arrivals" info screen.

    Hi! I was just tracking the ICE326 from KEF via BGO and TRD to KEF again, but suddenly it disappeared both from the KEF arrivals info and the map. I guess the map disappearance has got to do with the signal from the plane not reaching any receivers, but why did it disappear from the KEF info screen? It still says "confirmed 15.13" on the KEF webpage...

    Thanks in advance.

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    The arrival boards are not official boards, just some kind of an airport filter of all data currently in data feed. The data feed only contains aircraft currently within coverage, so the same applies for the arrival boards.


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      Ah. I kind of suspected that after seeing other planes also disappearing from the arrival board. Thanks a lot for answering so quick.