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  • Stewart Island flights ZK-FXE (BN2P) is now ADS-B capable.
    If anyone is wondering why T-NZNV6 is down lately, my raspi died and I'm not going to invest in a new one just for fr24. Other radars provided me with their hardware, but fr24 denied twice my application to host their hardware. It looks that they don't want to improve their coverage down here.


    • Full steam ahead with the ADSB upgrades after they started a rebate scheme it seems.

      Getting about 3-5 new contacts a Day
      Posts not to be taken as official support representation - Just a helpful uploader who tinkers


      • Have moved the list of receivers to
        As things got a little out of alignment in tables when adding new receivers.

        Edit. Have altered share access, so should be good to go now.
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        • Have just updated receivers list at

          Quite a few changes to colour Red (Not currently Operating)

          There is also now a "F" radar box on the Chatham Islands and Milford Sound is back
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          • Feeder out at the Chatham Islands picking up an aircraft
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            • Have updated the list of FR14 receivers


              A few new ones. Have also added a list of people who supply data to Flightaware. Only the South Island covered at this stage.
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